Saturday, February 20, 2010

weekly picture postings :feb 7th-feb 20th

SO I have been having trouble taking pictures everyday for my picture a day challenge but I did want to post what I had taken. I have been sick for the last few weeks and I frankly haven't been doing anything to take pictures of but this was what I did take. I am thinking grandually I will get more into it and take one everyday but I didn't think you would want to see pictures of tissues and medicine so this is what I eneded up with. Tomorrows a new day and new things to see.

a serious game of monopoly going on when my friends boys came over so they could go out on valentines

Having fun at a friends pirate /bowling party in the arcade

My husband gave me valenitnes early because he was working on valentines day

a tree in my backyard starting to bud in mid February.

My daughter and her friend working on their science project

This is a little bucket I filled with goodies for a dear friend

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