Sunday, March 7, 2010

pictures for week of feb 28th thru march 6th

So this week I did some crafting and made a few cards. I just left some supplies out in my craft space and when I had time I just went and worked on a card. One morning I got up before the kiddos and finished an idea I had for the card with the butterflies I thougth of while I was going to sleep. Also this week went went to a great concert, Bon Jovi. I hadn't seen them in concert since 1994 and it was just as good in 2010 as it was then or in 1987 when I began to love them. Yes I was one of those girls with big permed hair and posters of her favorite band in her room.Hope you have a wonderful week.

our dog molly doing what she does best (lay around)

The one and only picture I got at the concert because my battery died. (note to self get an extra battery)

at the Bon Jovi concert with some of our friends

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